Horses 'N Harmony

Horses 'N Harmony is a non-profit therapeutic riding program with attention to hippotherapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy,etc. Dedicated to people helping people and horses helping people. Our organization travels throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut offering equine therapies utilizing a portable ramp and mounting block in order to enable a variety of disabilities to mount a horse easily. We are not limited to just providing lessons in the saddle, we can also provide a equine therapies tailored directly to your needs on the ground or in a wheelchair.

Through Horses 'N Harmony, our volunteer staff and horses can provide, but are not limited to, self-esteem, confidence, leadership, vocational and educational skills, patience, responsibiilty, respect, overcoming fears, and most of all friendships.

We work with individuals who have Down's syndrome, autism, behavioral disorders, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, among many other disorders. We also currently have a program for Veterans as well.

Working with horses provides a unique activity which can enhance your life by increasing social as well as physical goals in your life. Horses 'N Harmony dedicated to community and awareness is prepared to tailor a program for all your special needs.

Horses 'N Harmony
Phone: (401) 217-9888